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Thursday, July 30, 2009

I have five novels in print now: four in the Fablehaven series, and one called The Candy Shop War. As my five-year-old and three-year-old began to show interest in my books, I realized I hadn't written anything for them. Sure, I hope they read and enjoy my books when they get older, but I discovered an itch to create something they could read now. Likewise, at my book signings, I often see families with younger kids in line.

Well, my latest book is for the little guys.

PINGO is about a kid whose imaginary friend becomes his imaginary enemy when he tries to stop believing in him. The premise sounds slightly psychotic, but the story ends up being a funny tale about friendship and imagination.

As with all of my books, I try to amuse myself along with the kids, so hopefully any picture book fans will have a great time. The book works well as a read aloud, and is complemented by fantastic art by Brandon Dorman, the #1 New York Times bestselling illustrator who did all of my Fablehaven covers.

I'm proud of PINGO, and eager for readers to discover it. The book just came out. I know it can be found at bn.com and Amazon, and I'm sure it should now start appearing on bookstore shelves nationwide.

I'm not saying if you love Fablehaven, you'll love PINGO, because they are very different books. I am saying, if you're into picture books, and you trust my judgment because of Fablehaven, PINGO should deliver for you.

I'm currently working on chapter 19 of Fablehaven book 5. The book feels really cool so far. I expect the new Fablehaven to launch in March or April of 2010.

  1. Blogger Natalie said:

    Will you be doing any book signings for PINGO? I'll probably buy it anyway but if I can get it signed...why not?

  1. Blogger Juliana said:

    Sounds fun. Best of luck with it!

  1. Blogger Veronica said:

    Yaaaaaaaaaaa!! i an soooooo exited bcause my grandma is getting it for me! yay!

  1. Blogger fablehavenerd said:

    Yay!! Pingo is out and there's almost 20 chapters of FH5!! Happy days...!!!!!

  1. OpenID dalejrdomin8tr said:

    I love your books. I have read the 1st 3 books of the Fablehaven Series. I bought them for my 9 year old daughter and found I loved that just as much. I have started book 4 and I am on about pg 160. Theny get harder and harder to put down. I notice that at the end of book 4 it says that the "adventure will conclude in book five". I was kind of disappointed to know I only have one more to read. But again they are excellent reading.

  1. Blogger Angie said:

    Just wanted to tell you that I have just fininshed the 4th book in the Fablehaven series. Thanks to my daughter for brining them to my attention. Can't wait for the fifth.
    Great books! Enjoyed them!

  1. Blogger Joseph said:

    Yes I also finished the fourth Fablehaven and it was awesome! And I cant wait for book five to come out!

  1. Blogger Calli said:

    HaHaHa! Great! I have to thank my freind Veronica for begging me to read your books! After the first chapter of Fablehaven 1, I got hooked! I've read all 4 books and am reading the Candy Shop War. I can't wait for book 5!!!!

  1. Blogger pandama said:

    Brandon you should put a form of mer-people in your books. PLEASE!!!!

  1. Blogger pandama said:

    .....well other than the naides, but with tails would be good for us girls. ;D

  1. Blogger khidra w said:

    I love all the books you wrote of Fableheaven ,I read all the first four books and I can't live without them;I just want to say that you should write more books for this series of Fableheaven at least 3 more,I'll die if you don't write more books, don't disapoint your readers, please write more books.

  1. Blogger Weavers said:

    March or April 2010 is not soon enough!! I love your books (not a huge fan of the narrator on book 4 though!!) But thanks for the fun reading and hope you finish early!!!

  1. Blogger Jediseth said:

    Mr.Mullen I love your books, (fablehaven) I'm almost done with the 4th book, Best series I've ever read, funny thing is that my name is Seth and my middle name is Michael and I'm 11 :P, anyways awesome books

  1. Blogger Jediseth said:

    **Mull not mullen sorry

  1. Blogger Jediseth said:

    Way way way waaaay too long, at least post the first chapter

  1. Blogger Jade said:

    This post has been removed by the author.

  1. Blogger Jade said:

    Brandon Mull you're so cool! so far I've just read the Candy Shop War but I'm definitely going to start reading Fablehaven.

  1. Blogger Jade said:

    And I didn't know you used to live above a prison! How cool! or, not... depends on how you look at it.

  1. Blogger Sue said:

    I love Fablehaven and 5 books aren't enough.

    I premote your books to everyone telling them they are the best series I have read.

    Fablehaven got my son wanting to read so I thank you for that.

    Everyone that takes my advice and reads Fablehaven are fans too, they love them.

    Please, Please, Please don't stop at only 5 books.

    I read somewhere that Fablehaven is in the works for a movie.
    My son, brother and I will be sure to see it.
    We are all waiting on impatiently for #5.

    Good Job!

  1. Blogger The Barnharts said:

    Hi! I was wondering if you ever work with bloggers to review your books? I would love the opportunity to review Pingo on my blog. If interested you can reach me at blessedbarnharts@yahoo.com
    my blog site is blessedbarnharts.blogspot.com

  1. Blogger READ ME said:

    You know a book is good when you have readers from all generations. I'm 18 and I love reading Fablehaven.

    From the first moment I saw it, it was love at first sight.

    I can even remember the first thought I had when I saw it sitting on the shelf in Walmart: "Oh, glorious day! Providence has placed this book in front of me for a reason! I must have it."

    ...or something like that. Or it could have been something about the cheeseburger I had for lunch.

    Anyways, its 10:46pm, I'm bored, and you can't stop me from posting this ridiculous, off-subject, space consuming comment.

    (I would normally write "love" here, but hey, I hardly know you!) , Rachel

  1. Blogger Veronica said:

    See Calli!!!!! I told you!!! I told you!!! and im the one that i got you hooked. Yay Me!!!!!!!!

  1. Blogger Kyle said:

    I absolutely loved Fablehaven!! All four books were awesome. Please don't stop at five books.

  1. Blogger Kirsten said:

    Can't wait for Book 5!! Just finished Book 4 while my 20 month old is napping. You even have 33 year olds hooked. I tell everyone how great your series is. It is refreshing that you can do what you love and be successful!! Hope your family appreciates you!!

  1. Blogger Jojo said:

    I just fell out of my chair when I saw march. It's a rolling chair that takes talent...or a really good book!!! Either way, I am ecstatic for Fablehaven! I'm a Fablehaven fanatic!!!!!!!!

  1. Blogger Heart and Seoul Girl-Kaela said:

    Finally! Fablehaven 5 is on the way!!!! I cannot even wait!!!

  1. Blogger Sarah said:

    my mom just found out she was in your ward once.

  1. OpenID thescrappywife said:

    My two older boys and I have just finished Fablehaven #4. We'll be waiting impatiently for the next one. Keep up the wonderful writing!

  1. Blogger Derek said:

    When is the movie coming out!!!

  1. Blogger Aimee said:

    im so excited for the movie to come out. and the 5th book. i have read all the fablehaven books in 3 months cause i couldnt put the book down. im also very eager to read pingo. i love childrens books as well as chapter books.

  1. Blogger Agiani said:

    I just finished Fablehaven 4 "Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary", and I LOVED it!
    I like the way Kendra and Seth complement each other. And the twists and turns kept me guessing right to the end.
    I am anxiously waiting for Fablehaven book 5!

    I haven't read "Candy Shop War" yet, but it's on my list.

    PINGO sounds interesting, too.

  1. Blogger TheIceyMaiden said:

    lol... I am 52 and hooked on the Fablehaven series!!!! Your right.... March / April is NOT soon enough for me!!!! I am now counting the days until I can purchase Book 5!!!! Keep em coming!!

  1. Blogger oliviathegreat101 said:

    omg i have read books 2,3,4 in one day!!!(seperate of course)they are the best books in the universe!! cant wait for book five of fablehaven!!! hope warrens ok and cant blieve what happened about gavin never saw that coming!!!DONT stop at five at least go on to an eighth!!!! so i can reread eight books over and over and over and over again i willnever get bored of them!!i will explode if u dont keep on going u will have to hose me off the walls!!!im 12 and i cant get my eyes off the book!!best books ever u are the best author in the universe too!!!i extremely recomend reading these books!!! take care brandon god bless you!!! keep writing!!!

  1. Blogger brookeaprilrain said:

    It's amazing, the Fabelhaven books RULE!!! I was a bit frustrated at the end of the 4th book, but I'm willing to wait for the 5th book. As an adult, I'm so fascinated by the descriptions of your characters and what happens to them. Plus it doesn't hurt that it helps me relate better to my nieces and nephews. They have all read the books, and absolutely love them (all 22 of them, and yes they're all either of reading age or have had the books read to them). I'm looking forward to reading Pingo with the younger nieces and nephews. You are a very creative author, and I am really glad I found your books. Oh, and one more thing you should keep writing, even after the Fablehaven series is completed. You have all of this creativity and I would love to see what other ideas you come up with.

  1. Blogger annie said:

    hi mr mull i love the Fablehaven Series!!!!!! i have read all 4 books. i cant wait till book 5 comes out. bye. your fan annie.

  1. Blogger story_weaver said:

    PINGO was wonderful Brandon!
    You should be proud.
    I hope someday my books will be as great as yours

  1. Blogger Brianne said:

    i LOVE your books i've read fablehaven and the candy shop war i can't wait for the 5th book in fablehaven i also think that each book gets better than the last one!thanks for writing!

  1. Blogger Marissa Beyers said:

    I'm so excited for the 5th Fablehaven book! I own a copy of 1-4 and I'm soooooo exctied for the next one!!! March is my birthday month so hopefully it comes out around there, and I might get numero cinco for a b-day gift! I really admire your writing and hope when I grow up I can create a series as ahmazing as yours! Keep up the great work!

  1. Blogger Kathy DiBene said:

    Dear Mr. Mull;
    Your books are not only for the young but for the young at heart. I am 65 and my sister is 75 and we have enjoyed reading Fableheaven very much.
    We both were surprised that it was so easy for Seth to get the horn.I think it should have been a little harder, he pretty much walked in and walked out.
    Were looking forward to book #5 and hope along wih so many of your fans that it won't be the last. Kathy

  1. Blogger Wendy S said:

    Where you lead, I will read - I love all your books so far and certainly agree with every scrap of praise I have seen written about your abundant storytelling talents - I am excited to see PINGO. My kids are too young for Fablehaven and Candy Shop, so thanks for writing something for "the little people". I am spreading the word of mouth to the best of my abilities in Boston, and I wish you the best in your works to come!

  1. Blogger Josalynn said:

    Mr. Mull,
    My best friend and I LOVE the Fablehaven books so much! We were both shocked at how Gavin turned out to be the bad guy and very sad about Warren. We hope he and Budba are both okay. We cant wait for the fifth one will come out, and hope you can get it published sooner than March. That is just way too long to wait, especially with the huge cliffhanger ending!
    Josalynn and Katie :-)

  1. Blogger Emily said:

    Brandon! You work is such a success! I'm proud to say I know you from a few years ago and was your neighbor. So funny! I am just blown away by how well you've done. Congratulations! I can't wait to read and see Pingo. Sounds like a great story! Keep up the great work!


  1. Blogger emily said:

    Hey Brandon,
    That last comment left by Emily was by me...different user name here, but you may remember me if you click on my profile. See ya! Good luck with everything! Congrats again on all the success!


  1. Blogger Fablehavenfan123 said:

    i love your fablehaven series.#1 i agree with everyone march or april is long but it might take that long to make a book interesting.#2 i'm only 12 yet i have read your fablehaven series 7 times and am still reading.#3 why stop writing what poeple of all ages love.
    Can't wait for FH5.

  1. Blogger fablehavens biggest fan said:

    Dear Mr. Mull & other fans,
    well i just have to say, that FH4 was AMAZING. and ur little nephew of cousin or son or who ever created that piosonous dragon really has a vivid imagination. and the way Gavin turned out SHOCKER. i would love to play the voice of dragon nafia!! shes my kinda dragon!!!if i were kendra opb (oh peanut butter)i would be EMBARASSED. i would turn scarlet for a month!!!!! and yell @ anybody who brought it up *cough*seth*cough*. i mean evrytime somebody betrays her its somebody she likes. Like Vannessa they were real umm 'good' friends or so she thought.and Gavin dont get me started on gavin. Personally gavin was one of my fave charries. but can you imagine the feeling i got when i found out what he had done? That is one of the hardest things to take in. Honestly, verl is a good 'guy' goat styre thingy. but she needs a real human. i think its a bit moreeeeee adorable. I mean poooor pooor verl....... sad really. but if they do get together i approve wholeheatidly approove. but let me just say. if he goes 4 another person. kendra would be heart broken. that is an insult that cuts deep,real deep, but then again. he has seen like thousands of years worth of girls.maybe he would be good. newel & doren nope they wont tie themselves down... trust me noooo waaay i just came to say mainly I LOVE FABLEHAVEN & ANYBODY WHO HATES FABLEHAVEN IS MUCHO LOCO!!!
    Your hyper and #1 fan
    -fablehavens biggest fan

  1. OpenID connectedmorons said:

    I recently picked up the Fablehaven books a week or so ago. After picking it up, I just had to devour all of the books available to me in the series. It was sheer, glorious unabashed fantasy - and bloody hell, it was bloody ace. I felt like Olloch the Glutton, really - / insert straight face / - tearing through all those books even though my exams were bearing down upon me. Thank you very much for bringing these wonderful characters to life.

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