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Humpty Dumpty as Film Noir

Monday, March 2, 2009

Well, March is here, and on March 24, Fablehaven Book 4, Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary, will finally be in stores. I'm excited for readers to discover the latest adventure!

I've kicked into high gear, hopping around the country and meeting people at schools and bookstores. Check Fablehaven.com to see if I'll be in your area. This year Radio Disney is getting involved with my launch signings. They'll broadcast live from my signings in Mesa, Az; Dallas, TX; and Hartford, CT. And I'll be on some Radio Disney programs as well.

I'm hoping this will be the biggest launch yet. It seems like the Fablehaven series continues to gain readers and momentum.

Let me mention my interview with Shannon Hale. It was my funnest interview to date. She is a very talented author, and her questions were fun and creative. As one of her questions, she challenged me to rewrite Humpty Dumpty as film noir. It turned out pretty funny. Go to squeetus.com or follow this link to read it: http://oinks.squeetus.com/2009/02/squeetus-exclusive-brandon-mull.html

Anyhow, I thought I should check in since lately I've been slow to blog. I'll try to get back into the habit!


  1. Blogger Sarah C. said:

    Hi Brandon! I LOVE your books! I may be going to a book siging for my birthday!

  1. Blogger fablehavenerd said:

    That was a great Humpty Dumpty story, Brandon! That was so funny... I'm glad that I'm not one of the kings men. Omelets are good, but raw egg yokes... ew...

    I'm glad that you decided to have the release date in March, because this is the month of my birthday! It's on the 7th (I know that when you read this it will probably be way past then, but now it's only the 2nd.) I'm going to the release party in SLC, which I know for a fact is going to be one of my best presents! Thanks so much for all you do!

  1. Blogger Marny said:

    Just wanted to thank you for coming to LTU&E this year, and congratulations on winning the AML award for youth fiction!

  1. Blogger Jojo said:

    My B-day is in march too!!!

    Love ya Brandon!!! You rock!!!



  1. Blogger Jojo said:

    I DO HAVE A LIFE.....


  1. Blogger fablehavens biggest fan said:

    I have to say, that was posotively hilairius!! and i am extatic about fh4. I have been counting since 257 days ago. i started at i think ~230. But only a few days left!!! well fh4 comes out on my bff's birthday. unfortunetly she hasn't read it. well i just adore you books.

    your bfitwwwtltgtlijcaaaibcnatgtt!!!!

    (biggest fan in the whole wide world that likes to go to lunch in japan china austrailia and asia but can not afford to go to there)

  1. OpenID ysabellabratz said:

    i love ur books!
    the only thing i am sad about is that after the 4th book of fablehaven will u write more fablehave's?

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