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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Summer is waning, and I made some goals, so here is the update.

One goal I had involved weekly blogging. That was my biggest failure. I was too absorbed in family, writing, and weight loss to get serious about blogging as regularly as I had hoped. So room for improvement there.

Another goal was writing Fablehaven 4, Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary. That one has been going well. I'm on chapter 19 and should be done by mid-September. For a good chunk of the summer I've worked ten hour days six days a week. Fortunately, I've mostly enjoyed the work. The book feels really cool. I think readers will be very pleased when it releases in the Spring. I'll feel even better about it once I polish off these last chapters and can get to the editing phase.

I also had a weight loss goal. I've lost almost fifteen pounds over the summer, which is good but not incredible. I'd like to lose at least ten more. I broke the diet routine a few times over the summer, but the good part is I never totally lost the faith, and ended up returning to good eating and moderate exercise before I demolished my progress. Eating moderately has been a good thing overall, and helped me appreciate decadent food much more when I have it.

I spent the last week in Connecticut with my family. We did some fun things—hit a Connecticut beach, visited Mystic Seaport where we could tour old ships and shops, ate some delicious seafood, spent a day at Six Flags New England, and signed books at my dad's company picnic. We had the kids at Six Flags, and it was no Disneyland as far as entertaining little ones, but they had a nice time, and I really enjoyed the Superman roller coaster. Instead of loops or gimmicks like dangling from the track, Superman relied on crazy drops and high speed to generate the fun. The track covered a lot of real estate, so it didn't twist much, letting the riders hit the metal hills head on and really feel the plunges.

There is the latest. I'll keep you posted on my last few weeks writing FH4.