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Rosalyn Mary Mull

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

My wife Mary and I just had our third baby, Rosalyn Mary Mull, who we plan to call Rose. Forgive me if I'm out of it for a few days. Mommy and baby are doing well, but the whole family is sleepy and distracted.

I'm psyched that the third Fablehaven book, Grip of the Shadow Plague, will be out in less than a month!

  1. Blogger Ashley said:

    Fablehaven is such a great book! i
    got to read it by being inspired by a friend named Alysss. i hope that i can inspire you to read the book too! the beginning is boaring. but please, do not put the book down there! it gets better! i mean? what book isn't good about mystical creatures and fairy milk?

    -A Friend

  1. Blogger tep333 said:

    i really enjoyed the first fable haven book but i live in england and cant find the second one anywhere! i think brandon mull is a great auther but i just need to find his other books somewhere. i would greatly recomend him to anyone and will keep searching for the second book.


  1. Blogger Lyssa said:

    Fablehaven is my absolute FAVORITE book! It is so amazing, I love it! I LOVE the characters and the writing is brilliant! I've been writing my own modern fantasy book for about a year now and I'd be lucky if it's half as good as Fablehaven! God bless!!


  1. Blogger Alexis said:

    Fablehaven opened up the imagination I didn't know existed. It really showed me what great authors we have in the world. Thank you for writing such an enjoyable and magical book! I am really looking forward to reading book #3.

  1. Blogger Alison said:

    All of u guys are right!!!!!!!!!!!! Fablehaven is an awesome book and i hope brandon mull keeps writing more of the books.Though i met him at a book singing and he said he is only making 5 of the Fablehaven books.Anyway i hope everyone keeps reading them i just finished the 2nd and it was brilliant! Keep reading them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Blogger Ladygrey said:

    Best wishes for Rosalyn. Hope Mother and child are doing well.

  1. Blogger Erin said:

    I love Fablehaven I started reading in febuary and Ive read both books I cant wait till the third book comes out and I hope I get to go to the launch party!

    congadulations on little baby Rose!

  1. Blogger Erin said:

    I love Fablehaven I started reading Fable haven in Febuary and I hav now read all the books!

    good luck on the baby!

  1. Blogger Kelly said:

    Congrats to your family on Rosalyn. I am a teacher in Gilbert, AZ and have read Fablehaven 1 and 2 to my students. They loved them both. We are currently reading The Candy Shop War. I am excited that we will get to see you again in Mesa, AZ for a book signing. Thank you so much for writing such wonderfully imaginative books. You are keeping children reading (former students come to talk to me about The Candy Shop War) and looking forward to read alouds.


  1. Blogger Cici said:

    Great Book Fablehaven is..... My aunt recommended it (she is 15) I'm really excited to read your next book..... I couldn't put the book down and I read both books in two days :).... Keep writing...
    And good luck with Rose...
    one of your good readers

  1. Blogger Camille said:

    Mr. Mull, I hope you don't get too stressed out what with moving and new baby and a Fablehaven launch party. I live in Michigan and can't come to the launch party but I give my full support to you and your family!


  1. Blogger Jenny said:

    i know this book is awsome and i was at the book sighning too!!!!!
    look brandon you've gotta writhe like 100000000000000000000000000000000000000
    more books!!!!!
    and my best reguards to little baby rose

  1. Blogger Jenny said:

    i really think you sholud writhe like100000000000000000000000000000000000
    more of fable haven books
    they are really good

    my best reguards to baby rose

    - big fan

  1. Blogger Faith Titilawo said:

    Brandon mull ever since you came to visit our school, I got very interested in your books I mean wow Kendra is now fairykind. I love your book that is why I can’t wait to go to your launch party I wish I could win. I’m your biggest fan I love your books so much that once I start reading it I can’t put it down. I read fablehaven the rise of the evening star in 4 day I’m not kidding.biggest fan faith*

  1. Blogger Cherjr said:

    Congrat's on the new baby. They are sooo much fun. I should know I haved a few my self(8). We came and saw you in Idaho(twice). I have to say the books are great!!! Three of my chidren have read them along with myself(family rule mom has to read the books first). Maybe we like them to much right now we have one kid goat named Seth and one named Kendra, we also have a chicken named Ruth and one named Goldielocks lol. As a homeschool mom I have to thank you for the reading guides at the back of the books they have made incorperating them into our school work a breaze. I keep telling people about the books and now I have two or three families just as hooked as we are lol.

    good luck with the family,
    England-Johns Crew

  1. Blogger Amy said:

    Hi i just finished book two. both where amazing. I use to like leven thumps better but now my mind has changed completely. Thanks for being the best author ever. O and where is the book signing going to be.

    Thank You
    your biggest fan Landon

  1. Blogger Maw Books said:

    Congratulations on the new baby! What fun!!

  1. Blogger Emily said:

    I love fablehaven me and my friends jake and Eric are so excited Congrats on the new baby we cant wait for april 21st and april 25th your books are awesome

  1. Blogger Jessica said:

    I love Fablehaven. I can't wait to read Fablehaven #3. I hope to see you at the launch party!


  1. Blogger DANIELLE said:

    dear Brandon,congratulations on the new baby i think that rose is a lovely name it happens to be my middle name cool right, well i love your books and i would like to interest you in a idea that i had what do you think about vampire faeries? well get back to me on that at skhooter@hotmail.com


  1. Blogger Emily said:

    Holy cow!! I am reading Fablehaven right now, and I love it! You came to my school last year, and I regret not getiing a signed copy! Fantasy wasn't my kind of book back then, but you helped me to enjoy reading! Because of your book, my grades are getting better, and I'm able to expand my social circle! Thank you so much! I owe you a BIG one!

  1. Blogger Sunny said:

    Congratulations on your new bundle. :-)

    My daughter is a huge fan - read both books in three days flat. She is an avid reader, reading 2,000 pages per month, and you are her favorite.

    Our family has listened to the audio versions during our morning and afternoon commutes and they also, are very well done. DD is now counting down the days until the release of FH3.

    p.s. She found out about your books through your visit to her school. You really do make a difference. Thanks!!

  1. Blogger muphry23 said:

    Hey, kudos on new baby and series.I am exited and look forward to the launch party! (I also believe The Sphinx is no good!!) Although I may not make it to the party from no cash..... :( party or not I remain a good fan to you for the life you have breathed into kendra, seth, and especially the satrys!! so keep up the good work!!! Also i will hopefully se you at the launch party!

  1. Blogger megan said:

    I love that name! i am a big fan of fable haven. I can't wait for the trid book. You are coming to my school tomorrow iam so happy. i go to fossil ridge in st. george

  1. Blogger Kurt said:

    Congratulations on the expansion of your family. Kids grow up too fast. I'm currently reading "The Candy Shop War" to my two girls. We need to finish so I can read them "Fablehaven II" They loved the first "Fablehaven" book. I have also recommended these books to several of my co-workers jr. high school teachers. One of them is reading your book to her class. Keep up the good work!

  1. Blogger jaina said:

    I love your books!!!! I used to hate reading, but your books made me love to read. I can't wait until Fablehaven 3. I am reading Candy Shop War now, and I love it. Once I started to read it, I couldn't stop reading. But I have to go to school, and I barely have any time to read at school. I hope you make way more Fablehavens. I finished the 1 and 2 Fablehaven in one month, (not together.)

  1. Blogger Bren said:

    I LOVE Fablehaven! It is such a GREAT and fun book. You and I like the same exact things Brandon! The first page I read of Fablehaven lured me in! I read that whole book and I'm done with the 2nd book (Rise of the Evening Star) Which had a suspenceful ending. I NEVER suspected that the Sphinx was a traitor like that! What a shocker! Well, I just bought the Candy Shop War which I am SURE is gonna be just as good! Thanks Brandon and keep it up! I am a HUGE fan!! :)

  1. Blogger Leia said:

    I LOVE Fablehaven! I guess I will be seeing you when you go to Salt Lake! I am so excited to read the third one. I might finish it in one day! :D

  1. Blogger Nate said:

    yo dude, YOU ARE SO TOTALLY RADICAL MAN. Just keep those great books com'n. I'll be snowboarding on the slopes in boise wait'n for ya Brandon.

  1. Blogger Brody said:

    Fable Haven is the best book in the world. Ive read all the books and candy shop war. Im so excited for the 3rd one to come out and i hope they make a movie because that would be awsome. Hopefully u write a 4th book cause that would be totally awsome and Brandon if you read this good luck with the new born best wishes

  1. Blogger Brody said:

    Brandon i cant wait to see u at the launch party in salt lake if any one else is going email me at mr.patriot@hotmail.com so maybe we could meet up and hang out there.

    Once again best wishes!!!

  1. Blogger BREN said:

    Hello everyone!! I heard about the launch party and it sounds like sooo much fun, but I'm soo busy, so I can't go! This stinks!! I wish I really could go because this book is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo awesome and Brandon you should be proud! I am still reading the candy shop war which I think is REALLY REALLY good!! Well, whoever is going tell me how the launch party was when u get bk plz!! Oh, and if you didn't know or something like that, there is a candy shop war web site:

  1. Blogger Horse luver said:

    Hi i love your books i was planing on going the day it got out. But i have 4-h. hey guess what you signed my book to.! :) well i hope your baby gets along great bye.(now my friends going to leave a comment) HI!!!!I love both books! I cant wait untill the next comes out thats such a cool name! I think i'm very fairy like. She is im i say so (the other friend) Yup!!!! Bye!!!

  1. Blogger CP said:

    HI I am nathaniel I am your biggest fan. I want to congratulate you on the birth of your baby. Hopefully she's not as loud as my baby sister.

  1. Blogger Horse luver said:

    Hi again, hows everyone doing !? so is there anyone her whos a total fablehaven freak like we well if there isnt there should be cuz i mean really why wouldnt someone want to be! well say something if you ARE!!!! But i mean really these books just like rock my socks off!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Blogger The Tomchesson Family said:

    i love the series! i never want to put the books down!my teacher has to tell me to put away the book. so far i love the thrid book. when i am reading this book i feel like i am on of the people in the books. congrads on your third child.who would not be able to see faries?
    -story lover

  1. Blogger The Haley Family said:

    Thanks for the books!!! I have read all of your books and am almost through with #3.
    By the way, in another book, you sould have Seth find a girlfriend. That is just sugestion though. Keep writing!
    A Big Fan

    Hope your wife and children are doing great!

  1. Blogger erin said:

    I read all three Fablehavens and Went to the fablehaven launch party.

    I was one of the last ones to get my book signed and could hardly speak I was so amazed that Brandon Mull was right infront of me!

  1. Blogger Erin N said:

    Congratulations on the baby!
    I hope you and your family are happy!
    Much love
    -Erin Nixon, age 12

  1. Blogger ~ Willo ~ said:

    I LOVE your books and for a person that hates to read this is saying a lot. I have been looking for info on "Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary " When can I stand in line for this one ?
    Congrads on the new arrival !

  1. Blogger Missy said:

    Congrats on your new little one! Hope she and mom are doing well!

  1. Blogger Elena said:

    Wow.I truly believe that you can best J.K.Rowling with these books if it keeps on goin' this good. Believe me on this, I read your first Fablehaven book in a DAY. I read for 10 hours straight. After that, I layed awake all night just wondering what the second book could possibly be like. And sure enough, I couldn't put that book down either. Same with the third. You totally reached a fantasy level that I didn't know was out there in the world. Your books are great and I can't wait to read the rest.-Andrew-

  1. Blogger Emily said:

    I will be so sad when the series ends. I will probably cry. You should NEVER stop writing! You are the one who made a difference in my life. (See one of the above Emily's) Thanks!

  1. Blogger kito345 said:

    your series is inspiring, its a bit to get me to read a book all the way through, but I've read your books more than five times each, keep up the good work, can't wait to find out about the next ones. hopefully soon. keep writing, your a good author.

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